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Where to Start to Strengthen Cyber Defenses

By David Cagical

In the face of escalating and intricate cybersecurity threats, it’s crucial to reevaluate our approach to defense. The question isn’t just where to begin, but rather, why embark on this journey? As technology grows exponentially — think Moore’s Law, which posits microchip capacity will double every two years — it brings both advancements and vulnerabilities, making our outdated cybersecurity defenses inadequate.

The starting point lies with us — the users operating computers connected to networks. While often considered the first line of defense, we are also the primary vulnerability. As employees and consumers, safeguarding our credentials is paramount, as compromised credentials jeopardize both personal and corporate assets. Our reliance on technology spans public and private sectors, evident in incidents like the SolarWinds and MOVEit attacks, revealing vulnerabilities along the supply chain.