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Your web browser

Most people’s use of the Internet is web browsing. Big tech has invested heavily in gaining information about you and your interests via your web browser activity. Now they are moving to censorship and suppression. This forum area includes writeup on all the technologies, but this post is about making a recommendation.
We recommend using the Brave web browser.
This browser is based on Chromium. The Google Chrome web browser is also based on Chromium, but Chromiu is not Chrome. Additionally, the variant that the folks at Brave operate do not monitor or sell their users activities to anyone.
We also recommend uninstalling:

  • Firefox – Mozilla now is in the censorship and suppression business.
  • Opera – a Chinese company that operates in Norway.
  • Chrome – Google is well underway to censoring any opinions other than what they approve of or fits within their narrative.
  • Microsoft Edge – too many security issues. Long history of failed security.

There are massive efforts underway to prevent people from moving big Tech’s controls with lots of disinformation being spread. Know that once n organization starts down the path of censorship, they never return. remove them forever.