Cyber Challenge

Do you want to participate in our upcoming virtual cyber challenge?

Welcome to the WICTRA Cyber Challenge. WICTRA and the Madison College are hosting a Virtual Cyber Challenge. The Event is open to Madison College students interested in participating. The event will allow student to sign up for this remote event and join other students in a team event to complete this 24 hour challenge. This is a capture the flag event. All levels of experience are encouraged to sign up. The event will take place on TBD. ending on TBD. Registration is now open until the start of the event. Early registration is highly encouraged. THIS IS A FREE EVENT!

  • Do you want to test your Pen-testing skills?
  • Would you like to meet up and share information with others who have the same interest?
  • Would you like to learn more about ethical hacking?
  • The event is going to be designed for entry level to intermediate
  • Don’t let technology intimidate you
  • This will be our first virtual event and we’re looking for volunteers
  • This event will be open to Madison College students and WICTRA members
  • Prizes for the top scores
  • Sign up below or if you have questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]
Fill out my online form.